Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Minute Philly Shows

There are two shows I recently saw worth getting to in that last two weeks of their run.  The first is All Different Colors at Fleisher Ollman.  Many beautiful drawings and sculptures to be seen in this exhibition.  

Here are two I snapped a picture of:

Paige Donovan, all acrylic on paper, 12 x 18 inches

Carl Bailey, Untitled, 2014, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 inches
But click here to view more images and these in better quality. 

This is the second show worth the trip:

The annual juried show at Woodmere, which I saw about two weeks after the Fleisher Ollman, felt like something of an extension or compliment to it, very personal works, sometimes narrative, with an emphasis on color.  Makes sense that the juror is the wonderful Sarah McEneaney. 

Here are two pieces from that show:

Philippa Beardsley, Pizza Parlor, 2014, Wood, acrylic and mixed media on wood

Morgan Hobbs, A New Haircut, 2013, Oil on Canvas
They have a nice online catalogue here if you can't get to the show or aren't local as well.

All Different Colors closes August 30th, the Annual Juried Exhibition is up through September 1 (with a free closing that day.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Caught in the Studio: Leggy Begonia

I like this corner of my studio.  Leggy Begonia and a few favorite other things.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Second Look: Elizabeth Blackadder

Self-Portrait with Cat, 1976, Oil on Canvas

Bathers, Esterel, France, 1966

Japanese Flowers Still Life, 1969

Still Life on White

The crazy thing about Elizabeth Blackadder is how well known she is as the 'cat and flower' painter.  Its not actually only crazy, its annoying, because I find her work to be so much more than its subject matter.  

Of course many of the painting's subjects come from the things around her life.  But she is an incredibly interesting and varied picture-maker.  The compositions are cobbled together in a way that feels they could be scared away with a whisper or crumble any second.  The picture planes are often very flat and things are able to float about until a strong vertical appears.

Her work also seems very relevant to work being made today.  Look at Katherine Bernhardt's new work of hamburgers and rugs, or the painters in this  article on 'new imageists'.  Painters taking stock of the things around them, at times nearly documenting them in a visual list.  

So many painters can benefit from looking at her work, it is one of those bodies of work that is giving to other painters.  Unlike an artist like Van Gogh, a wonderful painter, but someone so individual you can't learn from and take much back to your own studio.  Her work seems to have something for everyone, not just cat and flower lovers.

Do yourself a favor and instead of google imaging her name, add 'still life' or 'interior" to the end.

Friday, August 1, 2014

New Stufffff

Night Noodles, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 7.5 x 9

Vase and Clock, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 11.5 x 14

Cassis Breeze, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 12 x 10

No title yet, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 12 x 10

No title yet, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 24 x 24

No title yet, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 16 x 16

Night Cart, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 24 x 24

Wilty Ranuculus, 2014, Oil on Masonite, 14 x 11

I've been making a lot of stuff.  Above are a couple. 

I've been pretty productive over the summer, probably made about 30 paintings, plus or minus, and feel like I need to look at what I've been doing.

The main things: I have been working with the figure from invention which has created a lot of weird and bad stuff but also been very, very satisfying.  

I have been pushing myself consciously away from so much white and 'atmospheric fog' as I call it.  Trying to establish different sense of space which has brought me to working with a lot of blue and black.  I can't decide if I am now relying on it in the same way as the white but I don't think so.  

Unconsciously, I have started doing a lot of scraping and wiping through to previous layers which in person has added to the surface in a way I like.

I have continued to try to make paintings I have never made before: especially in color and composition; attempting to both empty out and fill entirely in terms of comp.

I put a couple other things on my website too.  It feels good and weird to have so many new things floating around.  I'm just not sure what to make of them.  I don't feel like they completely belong to me yet, if you know what I mean?  All these strange new personalities marching around the studio.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

NY Art Beat App

I am usually really late to the party when it comes to anything technological.  So this may not be news to anyone except me.  But operating under the assumption that there may be some people like me out there who read this blog, I wanted to share this excellent addition to my life: NY Art Beat app.  It's the first app I have paid money for (1.99) but it is so worth it I think.

It basically takes the gallery guide book that I used to spend about 1-2 hours looking through and circling with pen and organizes it so that you know what shows are happening in each neighborhood and even which are nearby to you or which are popular among the app's users.  

I only got a smartphone about seven months ago and I have very mixed feelings about it.  I love the camera and I love the accessibility but I can feel myself becoming a street zombie (you know them) on occasion.  It can be such a time suck.  However, this is a great convenience that I find very time-saving.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Betsey Batchelor

Betsey Batchelor, Tree and Dark Sky, 2006

Isn't this the most beautiful painting?  It feels like my summer feels.  I can smell the air in this painting.

Click here to see it bigger. Click here to see more of her work.  And also, if you are in need of some fresh, good paintings and visuals to steal hours of your time (which is how I always feel as a painter, just want to digest amazing things through my eyes at all times) you must visit her pinterest here.  It has nearly 25,000 pins of stunning things.  You will not regret it.  Invaluable as a guide to teaching beginning drawing and painting for me.